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All-electric vehicles designed for people who get things done

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Workhorse W4 CC
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Workhorse is the world's first purpose-built commercial EV and Pritchard is the world's only dealer licensed to offer their products. Demand for these vehicles is high and fulfillment is limited by production capacities. Reservations are not guaranteed, but will ensure you get the opportunity to invest in an electrified fleet asap.

100% Composite

A lightweight monocoque body eliminates 4,000 lbs. of chassis without sacrificing payload.

100% Electric

Workhorse's modular battery system provides up to 70 kWh of power for up to 100 miles.

100% Ergonomic

A low floor design and 4-wheel independent suspension make vehicle operations effortless.

Join us in delivering zero emissions to the next generation.

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